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Funding Real Alternatives to Abortion
Source: The Catholic Standard and Times, May 15, 2007  
By Susan Brinkman

Interview: Finding Real Alternatives to Abortion
Source:, International News Agency, April 19, 2007        
By Kathleen Naab

Service Providers Laud Importance of State’s Alternatives to Abortion Program
Source: The Catholic Witness April 13, 2007                                
By Jenifer Reed

Real Alternatives to Abortion: A Pennsylvania Success Story
Source: LifeLines Fall, 2006   
By Maria Vitale

Call Waiting
Source: reprinted with permission of WORLD Magazine, April 9, 2005

Real Alternatives’ to Abortion Celebrates Seventh Year
Source: The Catholic Witness May 2, 2003    
By Jenifer Reed

Offering a Real Alternative
Source: Citizen Magazine, PA Family Institute, November 2001

Love and Let Live: Providing Real Alternatives to Abortion for Women
Source: LifeLines May 22, 2001    
By David Bunnell

Bill to Fund Alternatives to Abortion Introduced in Congress
Source: National Right To Life News November, 1999   
By Liz Townsend

Federal Alternatives to Abortion Program Introduced
Source: Pennsylvania Catholic Conference - September 24, 1999

U.S. Congressional Testimony of Mr. Kevin I. Bagatta, Esq.
President & CEO, Real Alternatives
July 16, 1998

In Pennsylvania, the Future of the Pro-Life Movement?    Crisis pregnancy centers, supported by the state may be a model for the nation
Source: National Catholic Register May 24, 1998    
By Joseph Esposito

More women, girls frequent state-funded centers that offer alternatives to abortion  Pennsylvania is the only state to finance private pregnancy facilities and mandate they not counsel about termination
Source: reprinted with permission of The Patriot-News, June 1997   
By: Jeanette Krebs

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